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We will prepare graphics according to your wishes

Bibliobox_grafikDo you have an idea how your Bibliobox should look? You don't know how to prepare print documentation?

Our graphic artists will prepare graphics according to your submission. They will help in the choice of photographs from our photobank, recommend a suitable colour combination, and propose placement and wording of texts. They will do everything so your Bibliobox is truly ORIGINAL.

How is the preparation of your graphic design coming along?


First think about what your Bibliobox should look like. What should be the basic colour, the wording, colour and placement of texts? Where do you want to put the library logo? What pictures do you want on the Bibliobox.

Tell our graphic artist about your idea on the phone. If you would like the Bibliobox to have photographs on it but you don't have your own, the graphic artist will choose them from the photobank on the basis of your specifications and send them to you for your choice.

After the selection of photographs, the graphic artist will prepare a design of what the Bibliobox will look like and send it to you for comments.

You will either approve the design or send back comments on changes to the design.

The graphic artist will make the required changes and send it back to you.

After approval of the design the graphic artist will prepare the print version and you can look forward to the Bibliobox being delivered to you within one week.


Individual graphic preparation of the Bibliobox costs £430.00.

Price includes:

  • Graphic preparation of the Bibliobox design
  • 2 comment procedures
  • Up to 5 photographs selected from the photobank