...returning books is so easy

Vysočina Regional Library, CZ

Today I see Bibliobox as a completely standard and solid part of our library services.
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Ostrava City Library, CZ

We have not encountered any problems during the time Bibliobox has been in operation. Servicing Bibliobox is straightforward and problem-free. read more »

South Czech Science Library, CZ

Handling Bibliobx is simple both for readers and for library staff.
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Kolín City Library, CZ

Even books written off the inventory as irretrievable have been returned because of Bibliobox.
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Šmidingerova Library, Strakonice, CZ

Despite our initial fears about possible damage to Bibliobox by throwing undesirable objects in, nothing of the kind has happened for the whole two years. read more »

Study and Science Library in Hradec Králové, CZ

Every morning before the library's opening, staff remove books from Bibliobox and record their return in the library's reader accounts right away. read more »

Czech Agricultural University, CZ

A specific recommendation for the purchase of Bibliobox could be the conclusion that about 18% of all check-in books were returned through it in 2011. read more »

Mendel University in Brno, CZ

Bibliobox is a thing that has many names among the students, but it's all the same – the box we sometimes smile at.
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Regional Science Library in Liberec, CZ

Bibliobox has contributed to increasing book return rates within their loan period. It eliminates the payment of delay fines and so leads to more pleasant reader/staff relations. read more »

University of Economics in Prague, CZ

The readers return books not only at times outside our opening times, but also at the beginning of the semester when they want to avoid the long queues at the loans desk. read more »

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