...returning books is so easy

Agricultural and Food Sciences Library, the Czech Republic

If you asked anyone in the library why we got Bibliobox for returning books, it's sure that you would get the only possible answer: "Simply in order to provide our readers with the most comfortable of services since we are a modern information institution." They would also probably look at you like someone who should have long ago realized the obvious. Really it's so simple, right?

If you asked one of my witty colleagues (and I know which one of them would answer like this), she would probably say something like: "So that we wouldn't worry about books returns longer than is absolutely necessary".

If you asked another of my colleagues, one who takes her work really seriously, she might say: "We really envied those libraries which already had Bibliobox. We saw that it was really useful, so we started to put pressure on our executives".

In the library anyone could tell you that apart from its primary purpose, Bibliobox also serves to publicize the library: "Everyone can see the branches from which you can get the necessary literature in our library".

And if you asked our reader Mr. Grovíček what he has to say about Bibliobox, he could explain something like: "You know, I got over my first fears about dropping documents into an unknown environment. I really like the way the books drop in and that land on a soft surface – like into a feather mattress, and then it's clear that no harm will come to the book".

Mgr. Martin Kvítek
Agricultural and Food Sciences Library