...returning books is so easy

University Library of Western Bohemia University in Plzen, Czech Republic

For over a year we have been looking on in envy at the Bibliobox of the Study and Science library, which was placed in the lobby in front of our University library and into which our patrons often dropped books, despite the clear sign that the Bibliobox belonged to the Study and Science library. The students simply needed to return their books and they didn't realise what library they were checked out from.

When at the end of 2011 we at last purchased two new Biblioboxes, the basic idea was clear – to run all the Biblioboxes together, along with the one owned by the University Library.

To figure out a functional system didn't take much time. Thanks to the flexible transport during the morning hours we were able to coordinate the collecting of books, their sorting and subsequent shipping back to the libraries they were checked out from. This way we guarantee our patrons we clear books borrowed from a reader's account the next working day.

On February 20 we launched the service of Biblioboxes. There are three of them available – one in the University library lobby in the campus of Western Bohemia University, in the lobby of the Law School and in front of the Pedagogical Faculty building. We enabled the dropping of books from all the mentioned libraries into all Biblioboxes.

In the course of 2012 and 2013 we plan to extend this service by buying another three Biblioboxes – one or two of them to be placed inside the dormitory premises of Western Bohemia University.

At present our patrons are getting used to this new service, and we hope they'll appreciate the simplified system of check-in books in expanded hours.

PhDr. Miloslava Faitová
University Library of Western Bohemia University in Plzen

Bibliobox - ZCU Plzen 01Bibliobox - ZCU Plzen 02Bibliobox - ZCU Plzen 03