...returning books is so easy

Juraj Fándly Public Library in Trnava, Slovakia

Near the end of 2011 the library decided to purchase Bibliobox in order to improve client services.

Its placement in front of the library building brings the reader a new service, and this at a time when the library is closed for a number of reasons – holiday, feast day, time outside of opening hours, technical causes – breakdowns, e.g. interrupted supply of electricity, computer system crash, etc. The readers need not know that the library is not open and since they've already made the trip, at least the books they wanted to return can be tossed into Bibliobox.

Our second Bibliobox is located in a busy shopping centre. In this case our readers have the opportunity to return their books without having to make a trip to the library. This is especially appreciated by those who live at some distance from the library or who haven't time to come just to bring their books back but whose return date is approaching. So they can save themselves the fine for not returning the books on time. One advantage of locating Bibliobox away from the library building is that in addition to enabling book returns it is also a means of advertising the library and of informing about events and activities it is holding, opening hours, location of branches, publicizing the library's logo and its sponsors.

Mgr. Lívia Koleková
Juraj Fándly Public Library in Trnava