...returning books is so easy

Podtatranská Public Library in Poprad, Slovakia

A few days before Christmas the readers of the Podtatranská Public Library in Poprad received a gift – a Bibliobox facility for returning books.

It is located outside by the entrance to the library, more specifically to the literature and children and youth departments. Here it has gained a lot of interest from passers-by, perhaps in part because of its unusual design.

The reason for its installation was to make it easier for users to return borrowed books and to escape the consequences of late return of library materials should they not manage to visit during library opening hours. Even though the Bibliobox does not provide automatic removal of borrowed books from the reader's account, it has been favourably received. Returning books works on the basis of mutual trust.

Books are collected from the Bibliobox every morning and immediately written off the reader's account. Then the books travel back to the section from which they were borrowed.

During the first month of operation this service returned 156 books from 50 readers. Among the first to try out the Bibliobox were the children, trusting and eager to test something new.

Next to come were adult fiction and educational books. According to our experience to date, most books have been returned over the weekend.

Sometimes we also find books people wish to donate to the library in the Bibliobox, and of course we have nothing against this. And then there are those who drop their borrowed books into the Bibliobox and then continue to borrow new books.

In general this new service is seen positively.

And we the librarians firmly believe that it will continue to serve our readers well, that they will take advantage of this opportunity to return books at any time and to save themselves from fines and penalties. And most of all we believe that we are providing our readers with extended service options and greater comfort in returning books to the library.

Mgr. Anna Balejová
Podtatranská Public Library in Poprad

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