...returning books is so easy

Centre for Informatics and Library Services at University of Economics in Prague

We purchased Bibliobox in 2008 with the aim of expanding the services provided to the library's users, in particular by making it easier for them to return books in the case that for any reason you cannot return them during the loan period.

The first mistrust of librarians and users was soon overcome and Bibliobox is fully used in our central library. The readers return books not only at times outside our opening times, but also at the beginning of the semester when they want to avoid the long queues at the loans desk. Bibliobox is also used quite frequently during the holidays when the library branch in Žižkova is closed; exceptionally in this case it is possible to return books borrowed at another branch in Jižne Město. External users of the library also more and more frequently appreciate the use of Bibliobox.

In normal operations the returned books are removed from the reader's account on the next working day, as can be confirmed online by the individual user.

The users appreciate in particular the possibility to return books outside the library's opening hours, thus avoiding potential reminders and the payment of penalties. For the library the main benefit is the speedier recycling of books in demand. An unexpected but no less welcome aspect is the professional literature that readers no longer wish to keep and donate to the library through Bibliobox.

Ing. Jana Hartmanová
Centre for Informatics and Library Services in Prague