...returning books is so easy

Study and Science Library in Hradec Králové, the Czech Republic

The library decided to purchase Bibliobox in 2009, and it was put in operation in September, 2009.

The reason for acquiring this service was to enable readers to return books in periods when the library was closed. For the most wide reasons some readers do not get to the library during opening times and so are threatened by fines for late return of documents.

We informed readers that books returned by Bibliobox would be removed from their reader's account after the opening of the library on the next working day. Until then the book would be considered as unreturned, despite its deposit in Bibliobox.

Every morning before the library's opening, staff remove books from Bibliobox and record their return in the library's reader accounts right away.

After two and a half years of operation we can say that the box has proved itself and that the readers quickly adapted to this service. We have not recorded any negative experiences as regards objects which do not belong in Bibliobox being deposited.

Sometimes it happens that readers deposit books from other libraries, but this is easily corrected. The following table shows its growing interest.

Books returned by Bibliobox in years 2009 – 2011

Year Number of returned books
2009 1 370
2010 12 037
2011 18 068

It has been shown that the Bibliobox capacity is insufficient, especially over the weekend and when the library is closed for a while. Even though it was emptied more frequently it was still packed. People were squeezing the books in with a little shove, causing potential harm not only to the materials but also to the box's internal mechanism. That's when the library decided to get a second Bibliobox to place beside the first one at the main entrance. We believe that the doubled capacity will be enough.

Lenka Málková
Study and Science Library in Hradec Králové