...returning books is so easy

National Science Library in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

We are the first library in Slovakia to put Bibliobox into operation. We located it in front of the main doors to the library building. Our first experience was positive, and Bibliobox quickly gained the trust of our readers. They like it mainly because it saves them time. This was also our intention when we decided to provide this type of service. Many of our users consider Bibliobox to be a benefit. It gives them the opportunity to return books quickly and problem-free. They mainly use it when the library is closed, or when they avoid waiting in line at the returns desk. Immediately after installing Bibliobox we published the rules for its usage on our web-page. The great majority of our readers respect them and there has not been a single case when a book deposited in Bibliobox was not removed from the user's account.

When returning books through Bibliobox the reader should keep in mind that the library reserves the right to delete the books from an account within 24 hours. Of course the state of the account can be checked electronically. The overdue charge must be paid during the next visit to the library. For interest's sake I can mention cases where books borrowed from other libraries have been dropped into Bibliobox. We just keep these books on the side and wait for the reader to realize their mistake and come and pick them up.

We take books out of Bibliobox twice a day on working days, mornings and afternoons, more frequently in busy periods. The popularity of Bibliobox is increasing every year, which we can evidence through the following numbers:

Year Number of returned books
2009 4 700
2010 8 000
2011 14 000

If I were to assess the operation of Bibliobox in our library up to the present, I would state that this innovation is a step in the right direction. Many of our readers I have had the opportunity to discuss this with say the same. In the future we would like to get other technical equipment for the library which would contribute to the faster serving of our users, and so to their greater satisfaction.

Mgr. Peter Majling
National Science Library in Banská Bystrica