...returning books is so easy

Šmidingerova Library, Strakonice

It was the former library executive who decided to purchase Bibliobox. The reason was clear – another service expansion for our readers.

Bibliobox is located in front of the library and for two years readers have been able to return borrowed books, magazines, audiobooks and CDs at any time, even outside of the opening times.

At the beginning our readers had to get used to it but nowadays it is a standard part of our service offer. In 2010 about 1 600 documents were returned through Bibliobox, in 2011 almost 2 700.

Despite our initial fears about possible damage to Bibliobox by throwing undesirable objects in, nothing of the kind has happened for the whole two years.

Mgr. Andrea Karlovcová
Šmidingerova Library, Strakonice