...returning books is so easy

Petržalka City Library, Bratislava, Slovakia

At the end of 2011 we purchased a Bibliobox for the library for the return of books and positioned it in front of one of our ten branches.

Readers may deposit in Bibliobox books from all departments in the city quarter of Petržalka, which includes 4 branches. The books we retrieve from the carriage, sort them and return them to the branches they were borrowed from.

Most books in the Bibliobox are returned from the branch where it is situated. This is in a House of Culture where cultural and social events, along with night school and weekend classes, are regularly organized. This expands the opportunities for readers to return their books outside of library opening hours and to avoid the overdue fines they would otherwise face.

We have recorded most returned books on days when the library has restricted opening hours. We were pleased to see that readers were taking advantage of the opportunity to return books through over the Christmas holidays, when the library itself was closed.

Our first experience to date has confirmed that those readers who take advantage of the Bibliobox book return system are not the so-called "overdue types". I am convinced that every modern library should provide its users with this type of service.

PhDr. Katarína Bergerová
Petržalka City Library