...returning books is so easy

Kolín City Library, the Czech Republic

Bibliobox has been operating in Kolín for almost one year. We know from experience with other libraries that this is a very good service for readers, but it was only in 2011 that we succeeded in finding the funds.

Negotiations with the LSE Integration went very quickly. It is great that the company processes the given graphic design and adds it to Bibliobox. The graphic design was prepared by our colleague, and it is really eye-catching. It makes Bibliobox in front of our doors a real attraction for readers.

It gained its popularity with readers in a flash, and it is a real relief for them. Even books written off the inventory as irretrievable have been returned because of it. It is true that it makes more work for the librarians sorting and distributing among the individual departments, but the important thing is the result– satisfied readers – comes first.

Mgr. Pavel Kárník
Kolín City Library