...returning books is so easy

Mendel University in Brno – ICUK

The purpose of the investment in the purchase of Bibliobox was to reduce losses due to the library being closed in the evening, and above all to provide comfort to the user.

Classes at the university go on to late at night and during the weekend in the case of external students who do not have the chance to return books during opening hours. Bibliobox is an ideal opportunity to safely and easily return books and to later check the user account in the catalogue.

At the time of its installation Bibliobox was advertised, but now there's no need to publicize this magic box. For information we give our Facebook reference to Bibliobox:


Bibliobox marks the end to the excuse, "but you were closed".

Bibliobox is a thing that has many names among the students, but it's all the same – the box we sometimes smile at.

Bc. Vladimíra Perlová
Mendel University in Brno – Information Centre