...returning books is so easy

Kutná Hora Regional Library, the Czech Republic

We first saw Bibliobox "live" in the library at Hradec Králové and from that time we have thought it was great!

For a long time we had been wondering how to allow readers to return borrowed materials outside of opening hours, and suddenly the solution was before us. At first we were uneasy as to how the readers would accept this service – essentially it is a service based on the trust between the library staff and its readers. But now after two years we can state that we don't know one reason why we would close down Bibliobox.

Every day we take dozens of returned books, CDs and magazines from Bibliobox. The reader can return materials on his own time – evenings, Saturdays, Sunday mornings and it is super that we don't have to chase them with reminders – we see this as a definite benefit – building good mutual relations between the library and its readers.

By the way, Bibliobox has become a favourite with our print deliveryman, who drops his invoices in it.

Another favourable aspect is the box's graphic variants and its space for print information from the library – we use it for, besides information on how Bibliobox works, information about opening hours and contact data.

So far we have needed servicing only once, when someone tried to stuff in a huge book as a donation to the library. Servicing was provided immediately, the communication was most pleasant, and the impediment was removed.

In the name of the Kutná Hora library I can only recommend that other libraries get their own Bibliobox.

Mgr. Gabriela Jarkulišová
Kutná Hora Regional Library