...returning books is so easy

Regional Science Library in Liberec, the Czech Republic

The Science Library in Liberec has been using Bibliobox since the end of 2009. We were led to the purchase by the attempt to allow readers to return borrowed documents outside the opening hours of the library, and by our good experience with operating similar facilities in other libraries at home and abroad.

Returning books is based on the mutual trust between the readers and the library. After depositing his books in Bibliobox, the reader does not receive any confirmation that he has actually returned the book. On the following working day the book is actually "returned" to the staff, which the reader can confirm by checking his account.

A few conflicting cases have arisen over the two years of using Bibliobox when the reader claimed the book was not deducted from his account. In the end they have been resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

The readers very quickly got used to this service, and over weekends and holidays the capacity is fully used up, and sometimes even overextended.

Bibliobox has become for users another way to return documents in the evening after the library closes or in the morning before it opens. It has contributed to increasing book return rates within their loan period. It eliminates the payment of delay fines and so leads to more pleasant reader/staff relations.

Bibliobox is one of those investments which the reader appreciates highly. Essentially with it we have a library that is open 24/7.

Ing. Hana Raisiglová
Regional Science Library in Liberec