...returning books is so easy

Vysočina Regional Library, the Czech Republic

The continual improvement of the quality and comfort of the provided services, and the easing of their use should be one of the chief goals of every good library. Things are not otherwise at the Vysočina Regional Library.

Among the many innovations presented to the user in the last year was Bibliobox, a case for returning books.

We officially put it into operation on June 20, 2011, and from the first moment our users showed unbelievable interest in it. Getting used to Bibliobox or having doubts about its functioning, as happens with many innovations, was absolutely not experienced. Today I see Bibliobox as a completely standard and solid part of our library services.

The popularity of Bibliobox is still growing, and the reasons are clear – returning books in this way is a real comfort for our readers. They do it whenever it pleases them, anytime 24 hours a day. They no longer have to remember the library's opening hours or wait in line at the check-in desk if they are in a hurry. It's up to them when they bring their books back.

Another significant reason is the fact that readers have trust in this service, as they have in the whole of the library staff – they have become convinced that when they deposit books into Bibliobox, the librarians will look after them and deduct the books from their accounts. This trust is in fact double-sided, since the staff also has good experiences with the service.

We have not registered any cases when a reader claims to have returned books by Bibliobox when this in fact was not the truth, or when they returned the books after the expiry date and refused to pay the fine for overdue materials. In this area the readers have behaved responsibly and honourably.

After Bibliobox's more than six month existence at the Vysočina Regional Library it can be stated this is a service which has proved itself to the readers and the librarians, resulting in complete satisfaction on both sides.

Mgr. Veronika Peslerová
Vysočina Regional Library