...returning books is so easy

Karlovy Vary Regional Library, the Czech Republic

The Karlovy Vary Regional Library was the very first library in the Czech Republic to offer its readers, back in 2007, the possibility to return books through Bibliobox.

We brought them in with the intention of making returning books easier for the reader in cases where they don't have the time to go to the library, their loan time is expiring, and they are going to get a notice. The Biblioboxes are situated in busy places in the centre of town while the library is on the outskirts.

The offer of this type of service was something of a gamble because the box doesn't offer loan facilities, but is simply a "collection point". Library employees must bring in the books in place, so the service is a sort of gentlemen's agreement based on trust between the reader and the library. It has proven itself and become quite popular.

Readers are using it more and more (at the beginning we retrieved books from Bibliobox twice a week, but since 2008 we've had to do it daily). From autumn 2007 to the end of 2011 22 482 readers have returned a total of 56 708 books in this way, while in 2008 alone 3 735 readers deposited 9 653 books; in 2011, 6 939 readers and 17 251 returned books – so in the course of four years the frequency of usage of Bibliobox has pretty near doubled.

Readers appreciate that they can bring their books back in time when the loan period is coming to an end, and also when the opening hours are not convenient for them. They then visit the library at their convenience and start the cycle again by borrowing library materials.

Mgr. Jitka Banzetová
Karlovy Vary Regional Library