...returning books is so easy

Ostrava City Library

The Ostrava City Library, contributory organization, decided to buy its first Biblioboxes for its readers in 2010.

Apart from one Bibliobox in front of the central library we have two other boxes in front of our largest branches.

By putting in the Biblioboxes we wanted to encourage readers to return their books outside of the library's stone walls, and particularly outside of normal opening hours.

After overcoming our initial nervousness (will the books be safe in Bibliobox, won't it lead to the abuse of this way to return materials?) the reactions of our readers and librarians have become positive. The Biblioboxes are full of books every day.

We have not encountered any problems during the time Bibliobox has been in operation. Servicing Bibliobox is straightforward and problem-free, both from the side of the reader and of the librarian. Bibliobox provides the readers with an interesting service and saves them time and money.

Mgr. Miroslava Sabelová
Ostrava City Library