...returning books is so easy

Mladá Boleslav City Library, the Czech Republic

Bibliobox, a case for returning books, was officially put into operation in Mladá Boleslav with the presence of city representatives during Library Week in October, 2010.

Bibliobox is situated in front of the main entrance to the library building in such a way that there is free access to it. It is noticeable due to its loud graphics which is designed to catch the attention of clients and passers-by.

Bibliobox was a completely new concept for readers and library visitors. There were fears at first that books thrown into Bibliobox would be damaged, but it has turned out that they are safe since they fall onto a soft, elastic mat and are free from damage.

Bibliobox is damp-resistant and books are not exposed to outdoor influences. After initial distrust on the part of readers, Bibliobox has become an essential part of the library's services. It keeps readers from worrying about reminders and fines since they can return materials practically at any time.

Bibliobox is fully used. Most books are removed by staff after days when the library has been closed, mostly on Mondays and Thursdays. Readers welcome the opportunity to return books anytime they are passing, be it weekdays or weekends, morning or night. Every month between 600 and 700 books are returned via Bibliobox.

Bibliobox has been in operation for over a year, and its purchase has proved to be a good investment. It has extended the services of the library in the right direction, towards the readers and their needs.

Věra Kovaříková
Mladá Boleslav City Library