...returning books is so easy

Natural Sciences Faculty Central Library at Masaryk University in Brno, the Czech Republic

The Bibliobox bought from the LSE Integration Company, which is situated in front of the building entranceway has been available to our users since 1. 1. 2010.

It serves to make easier returning books, magazines and other documents borrowed from the Masaryk University Natural Sciences Faculty Central Library in Brno.

The reason for procuring Bibliobox was primarily to allow all our users to return borrowed materials as easily as possible after library closing, especially during school holidays.

Books taken from Bibliobox are removed from the reader's account on the next day. If a book was deposited in Bibliobox after its expiry date it is necessary for the reader to honour his debt at his next visit to the library.

Bibliobox has become an irreplaceable partner for library users and employees.

Mgr. Taťána Škarková
PřF MU Central Library