...returning books is so easy

Library of Psychological and Socio-cultural Sciences at Charles University in Prague

In February three years ago I somehow heard that there exists something called Bibliobox and simply knew that I wanted one.

I immediately contacted Jindřich Vobora from LSE Integration, with whom I negotiated the purchase right during that first telephone call. I was to send in an order, and I thought I heard that Bibliobox cost 50 000 crowns (2 000 €).

Jindřich must have been rather confused when he received the order, because the price was of course something completely different. None the less I still wanted one, even if we had to wait a little for it.

And today we have it, friend, coworker who after the spraying by Jirko looks very smart, which is fine because it makes it a constant object of interest to small and big visitors to the central library. He took also interest in our students, and if you saw at the beginning how our teachers were crowding around it with their various wishes – as if Bibliobox was wishing us a good day, thanking us, or telling jokes.

Someone tried to send me a snack through Bibliobox, but happily it was not damaged. As a librarian, I stroke it and thank it every morning, that most faithful colleague, always at its post, uncomplaining, doing precisely what it should.

The students also appreciate our porters who allow access to Bibliobox from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m., on Saturdays and Sundays.

Unfortunately we don't have Bibliobox outside by the entrance to the library, but despite that it serves as much as it can.

Jana Matějková
Library of Psychological and Socio-cultural Sciences in Prague