...returning books is so easy

Catholic University - Ružomberok, Košice, Spišská Kapitula, Slovakia

The University Library of the Catholic University in Ružomberok (UK KU) thanks to its facilities and service provision has the ambition as well as the potential to become a modern academic library which fulfills the criteria placed on the contemporary needs of a university academic community. It is one of the few universities in Slovakia to operate four Biblioboxes, two in the faculty entry premises in Ružomberok and one each in Košice and Spišská Kapitula.

Bibliobox enables the secure a reliable return of books without the need for a personal visit to the library and outside of opening hours. Books are gathered from the Biblioboxes by library staff twice a day during working hours. Removing the borrowed books, textbooks, CD/DVDs from the reader's account occurs on the next working day at the latest, which the borrower can ascertain online.

Biblioboxes contribute positively to upgrading the quality of library services, and borrowers appreciate this simple way of returning books since it saves them time and saves them from the reminders and fines they would face for surpassing the loan period. This way of returning books is becoming ever more popular, as is attested to by the full Biblioboxes and by the positive responses from our users. It also frees up library personnel for other library activities.

RNDr. Soňa Hlinková, PhD.
University Library Catholic University