...returning books is so easy

South Czech Science Library in České Budejovice, the Czech Republic

The South Czech Science Library in České Budejovice has been using Biblioboxes since March of 2010.

Two Biblioboxes were installed in front of both of the library's buildings in the city centre. The reason for which the library obtained them – the return of books outside of opening hours – has been fulfilled successfully. Handling them is simple both for readers and for library staff.

During this very short period our readers have become accustomed to them and dozens of people use them daily. Over the two years there has been no vandalism or abuse.

The installation of Biblioboxes at the selected locations has gone without problems. We greatly appreciated the chance to choose our own design for the cover of the box.

Indeed this cover film has been the source of the only serious defect – both Biblioboxes are located outside in positions exposed to the climate, to direct sunlight. The great changes in temperature led in the first months of use to a breakdown in the integrity of the film covering.

The problem was quickly solved. The Biblioboxes were resealed with another technology, and the defect was not repeated. The communication on the side of the LSE Integration employees was problem-free and helpful, and the service procedure was quick and of high quality.

Mgr. Ivo Kareš
Deputy for Library Services