...returning books is so easy

Bibliobox – introduce yourselves

Bibliobox's construction is designed for maintenance-free operation. The materials used make it suitable for placement both indoors and outdoors.

It is protected against theft because it is anchored to the ground by four bolts placed in assembly footings inside the Bibliobox.

The lock of the main door is equipped with a spacer mechanism eliminating the possibility of its forced opening.

The book entrance is equipped with a system of two doors, which does not allow taking back books already deposited. The entry is lockable for cases where the library provides the Bibliobox service only in restricted periods, for example when the library is closed.

The entry area is equipped with a mechanism preventing pouring of liquids directly onto the books or for tossing in small objects like cigarette butts.





Book cart

The Bibliobox book cart was designed with emphasis on the protection of books from damage.

The bottom of the case is covered with a soft elastic floor, and is equipped with a spring mechanism. This enables smooth vertical sliding of the floor with progressive filling with books. The drop height for books is for this reason always the same, just below 20 centimetres.

Handling the carriage is very simple. After pulling the book cart out of the Bibliobox you open up a telescopic handle, which is fixed in the ready position by turning a lever on the back side of the book cart.

The book cart's movement is controlled by four rubber wheels. The rear wheels rotate and are equipped with a foot-brake. This enables easy handling of the book cart.

Volume of the storage space is 132 litres, providing sufficient space for daily operation.